400 words For this first discussion board assignment, you will

400 words

For this first discussion board assignment, you will practice identifying literary devices in a work of literature. We will focus on several elements, starting with Theme. A theme is the overall message or idea an author is trying to convey in a work. Then, you will identify the known as symbol, motif in the work. Finally, you will identify other literary devices such as metaphors, personification, etc. in a work. Please review the following document for an excellent overview of all these terms, including examples. 

·  Literary Devices and Terms: Theme https://www.litcharts.com/literary-devices-and-terms/theme

Once you are reviewed this document, choose a work of your own. You can choose a work from Module 2, or any other work of prose (no poetry yet.. we will get to that). Please note, I know many of these works are LONG, so I don’t expect you to do an entire book. You can choose an appropriate excerpt to make it more manageable. 

As another example, I chose the most famous Romeo and Juliet scene: The balcony scene. SCENE II.docx I identified some lines and phrases in which Shakespeare supported one of the themes of the play: Love triumphs over evil. In addition, I identified some areas where there were common motifs (i.e. light, color) and literary devices. This you can use as an example of how to do this in a work. Once you have done this to an excerpt of your own, answer the following questions:

  • What is the general plot of the story or scene?
  • What is a major theme of this story? (there can be more than one, but you can just use one). Give examples from the work. 
  • What examples of symbol, motif, and leitwortstil are in this work of literature?
  • What other literary devices are used within this work of literature? Give examples from the work. 

When completing your discussion, explain the answer to the question and use at least one example from each from your work. You should have a total of about 8-10 examples (not each, total).

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