Class Participation points is worth five points. Please refer to


 Class Participation points is worth five points. Please refer to the rubric to determine how to earn the total points.

2).  Read the article listed above.

3).  Answer the question, “What do you think needs to happen to turn around the education system in K-12 schools to meet the needs of future employers in all job industries? 


Canada, Japan, China, Finland, Hong Kong (a territory), Estonia, Singapore, Poland, Korea, and Taiwan have been recognized as top performers in education. This distinction is a result of student performance in the areas of reading, math, and science. In 2009, a report was released entitled, “Why We’re Behind: a Report by Common Core.” The information shared how American schools have consistently ranked lower than China, Europe, and Canada. 

One distinct difference between the United States and these countries is each has a national curriculum. What is it about these countries that outrank American schools in math and science? Do they focus more on math and science than reading, or do they concentrate evenly on all subjects?
In this report, we find answers to those questions by comparing these systems to the U.S. and one another to understand better how they function, how they are similar and different, and how they address their unique challenges. And we explore how they are changing to anticipate the future (Cortese & Ravitch, 2009).


National Curriculums Around the Globe


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