Follow my example. Read everything below. I will take off

Follow my example. Read everything below. I will take off points if your outline does not look like my example (NOT MY WORDING), but how I formatted this outline. Do not make this hard. Have fun with it!

*Note: My example answers are in the parentheses.

Submit a word or pdf document of your Commercial Outline with the items below:



Commercial Outline

1. Product/Service Name (get creative i.e. You Betta Not Talk Back Backpack, New Smell. Who Dis?, I’m About to Get Choose Pill)

2. Setting (what environment is your commercial taking place i.e school, toilet, party)

3. Target Audience (who do you want to buy your product/service i.e. children, grandmas, people who can’t dance)

4. Two Product Features (what does your product do i.e. it helps children not talk back to their parents, stops grandmas from smelling like grandmas, your DM’s are about to be lit)

5. Three Persuasive Techniques (apply ethos, pathos, logos-refer to previous activity for examples & my outline example) see attached below. 

6. Sense of Urgency (how do you get them to buy today- buy one get one half off, get a free gift with purchase, 30% off if you buy today)

7. Price (what is the cost of your product/service)

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