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Metacognitive plays a role when it comes to regulating and controlling a person’s cognitive processes in learning as well as thinking in a very effective and efficient way. It also plays a part in planning, monitoring, and evaluating the learning process, awareness, and controlling the learning process. “The metacognition suppose the ability of transferring our capacity of learning to other fields and other situations , so it supposed to be able to realize another learning’s in an autonomy way, helps the students being autonomics in their learning and keep a critical attitude about the information , about the knowledge and about its own learning strategies foments a significative learning , a learning in what, why, how and what for have a sense for the students” (Duran Cantillo, el at., 2021).

Some of the strategies that can help improve a college students metacognition to improve their academic work are as follows:

  1. Use a type of thinking in making decisions without thinking about the decision.
  2. Aware use is a type of thinking that shows someone is aware of what and when he/she does something.
  3. Strategies use is a type of thinking that shows organizing his/her thoughts by being aware of specific strategies that improve thinking accuracy.
  4. Reflective use is a thinking that shows someone reflecting on their own thoughts by considering acquisition and how to improve it.

These strategies or ways of thinking can play a vital part on a college students metacognition. Being able to reflect on our thoughts when it comes to assignments to improve the overall outcome of said assignment. Strategies is an everyday thing when it comes to completing assignments, staying organized and using time management wisely.

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