Watch the required Kanopy video series “Living with PTSD.” Address

Watch the required Kanopy video series “Living with PTSD.” 

Address the following questions related to the experiences, symptoms, and treatment of trauma.

  1. Discuss the types of traumas that the people in the video experienced.
  2. What are some of the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder that were talked about by the trauma victims?
  3. What were the challenges for some of the people in the video for obtaining treatment for PTSD?
  4. If you were a therapist in this case, what therapeutic modality would you use to treat PTSD (e.g., cognitive-behavioral, person-centered, family systems)?  Use 1-2 scholarly sources to support your answer. If you have not taken a theories course, choose one theory from the above list and summary the articles.
  5. What are the benefits of having offenders discuss their offenses prior to discussing any of their trauma history when they are in therapy?

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