You are required to include at least 8 sources. The


You are required to include at least 8 sources. The textbook may be used as one of the sources. The sources have to be from peer-reviewed sources. Look for articles in accounting and finance journals. Wiki and other non-peer reviewed sources will not count toward the five source requirement. The body of the paper should not be less than 1400 words.

Complete all parts of the Target Corporation case in Appendix B (except for part C, part E, and F1-9). If you are using the ebook, enter “GAAP Comprehensive Case” in the search box at the top of the library menu bar. APPENDIX B GAAP Comprehensive Case will appear as the first link. Complete the case in a Word document indicating each question. For example, question A1 has parts a – e which should be listed in the Word document as A1.a Total Revenues = XXX.XX, etc. Please do not repeat the questions in your report (just mention the questions’ numbers). Use APA format for all written responses. Be sure to cite references appropriately and use scholarly sources for references.

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