Each of the 4 chapters on the Contending Perspectives of

Each of the 4 chapters on the Contending Perspectives of Political Economy include a section on the “Principles of …” and Respective Political Economic Theory “Today”  For your assignment and for each of the four chapters, you will expand on one of the theoretical approaches discussed under “Today”.  You did the annotated bibliography so you have the sources.  For each of the four approaches, discuss the theory in detail and how it fits and/or deviates from the “Principles” of the respective political economic theory.  It should also discuss policies from one or two areas that are advocated by this contemporary approach to the respective political economic theory. Use the same policy areas for all 4 perspectives.  You should not discuss the history, context, or biographies of any of the people involved.  If you feel the need to do so, it should go in a footnote (or three).  So, as should be evident, the assignment will include 4 main sections, which you did your annotated bibliographies for, along with a brief introduction and conclusion.  The introduction should include a thesis or research question relevant to the 4 political economic theories and to the analysis (see below).  It is also important that the assignment not just read as four separate sections, so it is necessary to make sure there are good transitions throughout each section but also from section to section. After the 4 perspectives you will include a detailed analysis section where you will compare and contrast the four approaches-not just concerning the assumptions but most importantly about the reform proposals/policies that you discussed for each perspective and the possibility of people of these perspectives being able to work together in the policy arena.  You will highlight where is there agreement among/between the approaches (be specific) and where is there disagreement?  The thesis should be related to whether (in the political and policy arenas) compromise and cooperation is possible (across and between perspectives) given the items of disagreement/agreement? What areas might compromise be more likely?  Less Likely? Why or why not?  The last section is a conclusion to the assignment.

The assignment will include a title page and a reference page

(Important: the average length of the assignment in previous classes has been 8-10 pages)

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