Keep the response to one page. How do you know

Keep the response to one page. How do you know the current status of your project? How is the current status of the project communicated to your organization’s management team? How do you ensure your clients know the project’s status? When do you introduce change or corrective action into the project based on the project’s current status? When do you decide to allow the project to continue “as is” with no changes being introduced? The answers to these question stem from the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group.

The answers to these questions seem easy on the surface. Yet, in my experience, I find that these are some of the most difficult questions faced by project managers.

In this discussion, succinctly answer the following: 

1. How is Monitoring different from Controlling?

2. What role do key stakeholders plan in this process? 

3. Discuss at least one Information System tool you may use to Monitor or Control, such as a PMIS, EVM, or others.  

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