word count minimum -350 topic- CONACIOUSNESS, THOUGHT AND THE BRAIN

word count  minimum -350


article will be using- A POSITIVE APPROACH — and from text book 

                  anatomy and physiology – the unity of form and function (saladin 9 th edition)

APA citation 

1. RESEARCH need labeled in its section.

          – for research portion please include 

           -explanations and background of the topic

       -answer what is interesting about the article in relations with the topic(explain  as if you are teaching to someone else).

2.CRITICAL THINKING need to be labeled in its section.

      – only for thought and conclusion( making an observation and draw a conclusion).

        -recall details from article that help with conclusion 

        –  lastly connecting the of conclusion.(community , society and/or the world.

     answer- how does it relate to other concept in the article and textbook. 

that  article is uploaded on the bottom

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