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Please answer original forum with a minimum of 250 words and respond to both students separately with a minimum of 100 words each 

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As world trade continues to increase due to supply and demand, how will ports accommodate this increase in cargo? What are the issues facing ports as they promote themselves and increase cargo? What are some specific solutions that address these issues and problems both in short-term and long-term operations?

In addressing these questions, choose a port as an example in your discussion.  

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More than half of the world’s population lives in Southeast Asia. Also, the region is one of the largest producers of goods and services. A good amount of those products are transported through the Strait of Malacca. Cargo flow through the Straight accounts for twenty five per cent of all cargo transported on global waters. The city state of Singapore is lucky enough to be located on the pathways of this busy trade route. According to Sinay (2021) Port of Singapore is known as a top maritime capital and amongst the “Top 10 Smart Ports Around the World”. The port is connected to more than 600 ports in 123 countries and employs about 200,000 workers. It also transships half of the world’s supply of crude oil. Finally, it is known as the busiest transshipment port in the world (Sinay 2021). I don’t think we can find any port in the world busier than the port of Singapore. The government of the city state, investors, and the port management are doing great job managing the flow of cargo through their terminals. 835th Transportation Battalion of Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) has a detachment in Singapore. As an SDDC Battalion Mobility officer, I witnessed the amount of work being done at the Singapore ports first hand. It is simply mind-blowing. 

Singapore is not only doing great with the cargo management but also making it much bigger by building the Tuas mega-port. Ship Technology (2020) states that Tuas mega-port expansion is projected to be completed by 2040 “Consolidating container handling at the site, it will improve efficiency and vessel turnaround times, enabling the port to handle 65m TEU annually, compared with 45m at its four existing box terminals. Is attracts 130,000 vessel calls on average a year.” (Ship Technology 2020)

To accommodate an increase in cargo volume Tuas terminal will include the next-generation vessel traffic management system able to predict possible congestion and assist vessel route planning. Remote controlled vessel pilotage, sense-making system will be employed to avoid congestion and improve the efficiency of port operations with multi-million TEU flow annually. 




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Ship Technology (2020) Destination Singapore: behind the rise of the world’s top sipping centre. Retrieved from


Good day all,

Ports have a variety of ways they can accommodate for the increased cargo, but they do have limitations. One limitation that comes to mind is space, a port can only go so far before they have to start stacking cargo on top of one another, like most do already. Another issue that some ports are facing is they they are not within the easiest route to get to. For instance, the Savannah Port (in the state of Georgia) is one of the ports on the East Coast that can take cargo ships from the West Coast, but because it would mean the ships moving and utilizing more fuel than they anticipated, and they also are not used to the routes to get there, it would be easier for the cargo ships to wait their turn to be unloaded. Some ways for the ports to fix these problems is to purchase more land, purchase higher cranes, and start having incentives that are worth the extra fuel prices to move from one side of the country to the other. What these incentives could be, I am not sure as I have never worked in a port, but can only assume something like fifty percent off the unloading fee would be beneficial, but I am not sur if it would be beneficial enough to move a boat from one side of the United States to the other. We could also look at opening up the smaller ports to help with the large cargo ships, but we would be limited on space and only certain vessels would be able to cross there. Maybe we could even start opening up passenger ports to product ports. 


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