due5/13 The purpose of these recap discussion boards is to


The purpose of these recap discussion boards is to create dialogue and analytical discourse about the material covered in the chapter. In answering the recap discussion questions, you should engage in meaningful discussion with your fellow classmates. Please make sure to pay close attention to the specific due dates for each discussion board. You can contact me directly if you have any questions. 

Due Dates: 

**Initial post due 05/13

Please respond to the following questions with at least 5-7 sentence paragraph responses per question.

**Secondary posts due 05/15

You should respond to at least two of your classmates post by the above due date. Your responses should be substantial, meaning they should be about 5-7 sentences in length and relate to your classmates post in some way. Please review the discussion board rubric on the course site for an elaboration on the grading criteria.  


What are the benefits/disadvantages of being married? (list at least 5 of each) What are the ways that culture (e.g. mass media, education systems, religion, etc.) promote the idea that everyone should get married? How do age, gender and sex influence the pressure one feels to get married? What are some advantages of being single? How might age, gender and sex affect singlehood?

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