A description of your target organization An existing policy or

  • A description of your target organization 
  • An existing policy or program in that organization;
  • Background about the current state of your policy/program; what are its accomplishments, challenges, where it fits within broader city operations and how favorably it is viewed by senior leadership;
  • An overview of your proposed solution;
  • A list of resources you have already carefully reviewed including city docs, relevant docs from other cities, relevant docs that provide a conceptual foundation 
  • Resources and docs you plan to use going forward including interview subjects, primary and secondary sources.   
  • You should think through questions such as:
    • Who needs to buy into this plan?’, 
    • How do I structure this as a pitch for those people?’, 
    • What does success for various stakeholders look like?;
    • How will this make lives easier or their work more impactful?

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