After reading Chapter 3 and the material at the websites,

After reading Chapter 3 and the  material at the websites, and viewing the videos, please make a 250-word  initial post that answers the following questions about the primary  sources:

What values do Plutarch and Confucius  promote? What similarities and differences do you see in their moral and  educational philosophies? How are those similarities and differences  related to the history and structure of their respective societies and  the problems of creating a common elite class culture to govern  far-flung empires?

primary Sources:

Website: Confucius, Analects – (read Section 1 Parts 1 & 4 and Section 3 Parts 13 & 15)

Website: Plutarch: The Training of Children, c. 110 CE – (read 1-2, 8, 10-11, 17-18)

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