Hi all, This course homework is Direct reading of Industrial

Hi all, 

This course homework is Direct reading of Industrial Organization (ECO632). 

The task is:

Choose three or more papers to write a proposal based on these papers, raise some interesting questions based on those papers that you think it is possible to address in your future research.  In the research proposal, it should include Introduction, Literature Review, and your Objections as well as how you plan to realize your research goal. 

Here is lecture’s video link:

1) Regulation and Natural Monopoly (Dynamic analysis)


2) Regulation and Natural Monopoly (Static analysis)


3) Collusion and Mergers


4) Empirical Research on Collusion 1


5) Empirical Research on Collusion 2


6) Dynamic Oligopoly and Markov Perfect Equilibrium


7) Vertical Contact Formation (Theory 1)


8) Vertical Contact Formation (Theory 2)


9) Vertical Contact Formation (Theory and Empirics)


10) the Effects of Vertical Integration


11) Market Design Meets Research Design


12) The Organization of Organ Markets


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