Six Sigma projects are powerful tools for achieving breakthrough improvements.

Six Sigma projects are powerful tools for achieving breakthrough improvements. Improvement projects utilize the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) methodology while design or re-design projects use the DMADV methodology. Such projects can be undertaken for large or small initiatives, but because they require a fair bit of work in planning and engaging the team, they are usually applied in situations where a significant change effort is likely to lead to an outcome well in excess of the work put into the project.

Use your work in the Value Stream Map and Kaizen Event assignments, as well as what you have learned so far in this course, to identify a potential Six Sigma project that can benefit the value stream and your organization.

  1. Explain the Six Sigma project(s) that you would recommend to senior management and justify your selection.
  2. Develop a detailed Project Charter for your recommended project. The project charter must include the following:
    • Problem statement
    • Goal statement or objectives 
    • Project scope
    • Critical-to-quality requirements, or CTQs, of the processes within the scope of this project
    • Key metric Y (or key metrics Y)
    • Expected operational and financial benefits of the project g. Milestone dates for each phase of DMAIC (or DMADV)
    • Project team (titles of project team leader and members)
    • Champion (title of the executive or senior manager)


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