Monsanto vs. Schmeiser case. this is the grading rubric: 1.

Monsanto vs. Schmeiser case. 

this is the grading rubric:

1. All topics were discussed in clear detail.

2. Author supported assertions correctly.

3. Ideas were inter-related coherently and logically.

4. Author creatively enhances the topic.

5. Addresses Monsanto’s probable reasons related to increased crop production

6. Discusses role of government in approving genetically-engineered crops

7. Explain the role of agribusiness and farmer acceptance

8. Impact of anti-biotech campaigns is addressed

9. States opinion about Monsanto and its operations from a bioethical standpoint

10. States opinion about how Monsanto and Schmeiser case has affected public opinion of Monsanto.


11. An introduction previews main points of study

12. Body of paper develops and elaborates main ideas.

13. A conclusion summarizes main points.


14. Paper free of mechanical errors (e.g., misspellings, typos, etc.)

15.. Paper grammatically sound (proper sentence structure)

16. Citations and references in proper style (e.g., APA).

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