HIMA240 Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies Assignment: Chargemaster and Cost Control You

HIMA240 Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies Assignment: Chargemaster and Cost Control

You are a financial analyst that  is part of a chargemaster maintenance team. In the absence of the  previous chargemaster coordinator, you are now responsible for  chargemaster audits and maintenance process. You discover that  chargemaster maintenance is three months behind. You quickly determine  that you will not be able to complete chargemaster tasks in addition to  your other job responsibilities. After reviewing research and literature  on best practices for chargemaster management (i.e. updating codes,  automation, audits, set charges, etc.), you decide to create a process  for chargemaster maintenance. Present your findings and process in a  proposal to the maintenance team.

Assignment Instructions

For this assignment, you are to: 

  • Examine the selection and development of applications and processes for chargemaster and claims management.
  • Compare examples that emphasize the methods for controlling cost by reducing errors.

In a written proposal:

1.   Explain/ summarize the importance of claims management and chargemaster maintenance.

2.   a. Identify at least three best practices.     

      b. Describe why they should be included in your chargemaster maintenance process.

3.  Create a process for chargemaster maintenance.

Provide a visual/graphic display of your process.

Describe each step and/or component of the process.

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