Discussion Points: ● Explain how UX designers add value to


Discussion Points: 

●    Explain how UX designers add value to a business.
●    Discuss why UX designers have to be fully aware of organization business goals.
●    What business/ professional skill do UX designers need to be able to create an added value to the organization?
●    Post a summary of your paper completed in Week 7 under this thread. 

● Discuss your next APUS Course enrolment.

● What do you recommend for students enrolling in this course?

● What improvement do you recommend for this course?

Student or Faculty Response: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=ze7fC9lqG0WN8AfkPVMdZytN6I6OnSpNg5Q3OcJi-klUQlJOUDlaM1RENU5EV0tXUE4zWjBZWks3U


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