In this assignment, you will generate a PowerPoint presentation that


In this assignment, you will generate a PowerPoint presentation that defines affirmative therapy, addresses a brief cultural competency of LGBTQ+ experiences, identifies the role of intersectionality in the lives of LGBTQ individuals, couples, and families, and reflects on group therapy elements in working with LGBTQ populations specifically.

For your PowerPoint presentation, imagine that you are working in a community services agency that has identified one of their primary training goals is to educate all mental health workers on LGBTQ+ cultural competencies and affirmative therapy with LGBTQ+ populations. The agency expects that affirmative therapy will be utilized in working with LGBTQ clients. The administration has enlisted you to help educate the staff around affirmative therapy as well as provide background on LGBTQ populations.

Be sure to address the following in your presentation:

  1. Provide a background on possible unique experiences that LGBTQ persons may bring to therapy.
  2. Educate your audience on LGBTQ+ populations (consider what you think would be most important for them to know).
  3. Include a discussion on intersectionality.
  4. Define and discuss the Affirmative Therapy approach in working with LGBTQ persons.
  5. Include definitions to help the audience better understand Affirmative Therapies (e.g., heteronormativity, homophobia).
  6. Discuss tools that you feel clinicians can include in their practice that would embrace the affirmative stance.
  7. Provide a slide that considers group therapy (strengths and limitations of group therapy) when working with LGBTQ+ communities.

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