Human Papilloma virus for a lesson plan

For this assignment you will be writing lecture notes about the human Papilloma virus for a lesson plan on this topic. Please READ ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. For the lecture notes you must use at least 5 valid and reliable open-educational resources. Make sure they are valid and reliable. The lecture notes should be written-out, not bulleted or in list form. Since these are your notes, they should be as detailed as possible and include references. It helps to think of this as a research paper. The lecture notes should address the following: • General information about the topic • Incidence/prevalence rates • Symptoms • Treatments • How this disease/disorder may affect other aspects of life • Prevention This assignment will be graded on the following: Content -All 6 aspects of the topic should be addressed fully. Citations -Information from sources should be written in own words, citing the source (lastname, year). No direct quotes n Organization

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