Ingrid- social, culture and society assignment.

 This is the second year university assignment for the social, culture and society course. The writer needs to use only the course kit and the class notes to write this 6 pages assignment. It should be noticed that the required question is already done by the student, so this 6 pages order is NOT included the required question. Please following 3 requirement for this assignment: (1) ONLY use the course kit and class not we provided, no outside sources allowed. (2)This course kit is collecting many articles from different authors of their books, please use the authors and their book original page as the citation (not the course kit page#). Please do not forget to cite the PAGE NUMBER. (3) Please use the assigned articles to finish this assignment. Please use Rifkin and Roszak (course kit#19 and #29) for answering all the questions on the requirement, and use the Tepperman and Kallen (course kit#22 and #26) as the two additional authors in those discussion. It should be noticed that I just use the “course kit#” to guide you for writing this assignment only, the writer should use the author for citing each article properly. Please read the requirement very carefully before start working on this assignment. Thank you. PS: please disregard the title ” ingrid” which is not related to this order.

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