Integrated Project Guidelines

Word Component:

Research a vacation you would like to take outside the North American Continent. 

This can be a planned vacation that already has the itinerary set for you or you can plan the vacation for 7-10 days. 

After you have decided where you are going, and what you will be doing, determine what it will cost and the travel preparations you need to make to visit that country.

Does it require a VISA, any immunizations, or special accommodations for the cultural differences—especially important if you are visiting Arabic countries or China.   

Determine the steps to obtain a passport.  If you already have a passport, do this anyway and report on it.  If the country you visit requires a VISA, how do you obtain the VISA and how long must you have it before you enter the country.

Does the cost of the vacation include transportation from the United States or do you provide that, if it does provide the transportation where does it leave from, because you will need to get there also.

For example, when I went to China, Airfare from the US was included in the cost of the trip, but we left from San Francisco and we had to purchase that.

Give a brief description of the country you will be visiting and the weather during the time you will visit.

All of the research you complete should be documented properly according to MLA style.  Review how to credit internet sources. 

Write a brief report that is minimum 5-7 paragraphs that will accommodate at least 2 pages.

Credit 3-5 different resources, use reputable sources, do not use Wikipedia. Be sure to use the citations within the body of the report—use placeholders as you are typing if you forget to obtain the information needed to credit the report; then go back and create the sources as you learned in your lessons.

Create a works Cited page and format correctly.

Save as Your first initial last name, Integrated Project Word Submit through Blackboard.  For example: JJones Integrated Project Word.

Excel Component:

Create an Excel worksheet that shows total expenses.  Below is a basic guideline of the categories you might use, but you decide what you include.  There should be no more than six categories because you will be creating charts afterward.


Pre-Travel Expenses (Passport, VISA, Shots)

Travel Expense (Air, Ship etc.) 

Include any travel inside the country (for example if you need to take a train, plane or bus that is not included if it is a tour package—or cruise you have purchased). 

Will the cruise leave from the US or do you need to fly to the departure city

Excursions (use a total here, don’t list each one)

Hotel or cost of a cruise if you are traveling by ship to the country.

Daily Expenses Budget (Allocate a minimum of $100 a day)

Create a total formula or function for the expenses

Create a column chart and place it on the same worksheet below the worksheet data.

Format the Worksheet and the chart attractively. 

Be sure the entire worksheet is centered on the page horizontally and that it fits to one page.

Create a second chart (flat Pie Chart) and place it on a separate worksheet page.  Format the chart and make sure you can see all of the data labels and percent.  (you find those in chart layout

Save the file as your first initial last name Integrated project Excel and submit through Blackboard. .  For example: JJones Integrated Project Excel.

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