Apollo Hospitals Telemedicine case.

1. Introduce the case and provide a high-level summary

2. What role did network technologies play in the case? Identify specific network and/or telecommunications technologies that were involved

3. What has gone right and/or wrong in the case? What were the most critical success and/or failure factors? What were the actual or potential patient case advantages? What were the actual or potential cost advantages? Use the case, your experience, and external sources if necessary to answer these questions. Justify your answers 4. Draw a diagram of the network and/or application strategy utilized in the case. 5. In the description for your diagram, identify the most and least critical elements of the architecture and describe why each element is important and included in the diagram. 6. In the conclusion for your paper, identify how, based on the knowledge learned in this course so far, you would have modified the diagram to improve the solution presented in the case. Modify and present a new diagram.

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