Develop an advertising brief: Advertising Campaigns

 Please incorporated excel and some analyses in the assessment. – Some instructions for question ONE your organisation is planning to create and launch a new product (choose a product relevant to your organisation). It is your job to develop the advertising campaign for this product.

Develop an advertising brief.

The advertising Brief:

Start with the client The Purpose of the brief (What is Occurring) oUse the product or service Insights oWhat should we ask ourselves to get this right? Target Audience (So who wants to know) Competition (who else is doing this)? What is the USP (unique selling point) what is the single most important thingwe want the customer to know ? Reinforcing the USP ( can we actually support/prove that?) Look and Feel tone of voice Mandatory inclusions and exclusions What’s in and what’s out? Define the objectives Increasing sales and profits Encourage trial and usage 

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