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Attach a brief essay on why you would like to have a career as a Surgical Technologist. 

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As a medical professor responsible for designing assignments and evaluating the performance of medical college students, I have the opportunity to gain insights into their motivations and aspirations. The question at hand requires an essay on why one would choose a career as a Surgical Technologist. Below is a well-structured answer to this question.


Choosing a career as a Surgical Technologist stems from a deep passion for healthcare, a fascination with surgical procedures, and a desire to play a critical role in enabling successful surgeries. This profession not only offers a challenging and rewarding work environment but also allows for continuous learning and growth within the medical field.

One of the primary reasons I am drawn to the role of a Surgical Technologist is the opportunity to be directly involved in surgical procedures. This hands-on involvement enables me to witness the transformation of medical knowledge and skills into tangible outcomes, leading to improved patient health and well-being. Being in the operating room, surrounded by skilled surgeons, nurses, and anesthesiologists, would provide an exciting and intellectually stimulating environment for me to thrive.

Additionally, the prospect of assisting surgeons during surgical procedures is highly appealing. As a Surgical Technologist, my responsibilities would include organizing and arranging surgical instruments, equipment, and supplies, as well as preparing the operating room. Having the opportunity to closely collaborate with the surgical team, anticipate their needs, and ensure a smooth, efficient workflow is both gratifying and challenging.

Another aspect of the career that attracts me is the continuous learning and professional development it offers. The field of surgery is constantly evolving, with advancements in surgical techniques, equipment, and technologies occurring rapidly. As a Surgical Technologist, I would be required to stay updated with the latest developments, attending workshops, seminars, and continuing education courses. This commitment to lifelong learning perfectly aligns with my personal and professional values.

Moreover, a career as a Surgical Technologist provides opportunities for personal growth and a sense of accomplishment. By actively contributing to the success of surgeries, I would be making a tangible difference in the lives of patients. This direct impact on patient outcomes would bring immense satisfaction and fulfillment to my career.

Lastly, the potential for growth and advancement within the field of surgical technology is highly promising. As one gains experience and expertise, opportunities to specialize in specific areas, such as neurosurgery or cardiovascular surgery, become available. There is also the potential to transition into roles such as surgical first assistant or surgical technologist instructor, further expanding one’s career prospects.

In conclusion, my passion for healthcare, fascination with surgical procedures, and desire to contribute directly to improved patient outcomes make a career as a Surgical Technologist an ideal choice for me. The opportunity to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, continuous learning and development, personal satisfaction from making a difference, and the potential for growth within the field all combine to make this career path highly appealing. I am excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to embarking on a fulfilling journey as a Surgical Technologist.

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